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Belgian foreign minister reaffirms pledge to unfreeze Russian diplomatic missions' bank accounts
Sunday, 21 June 2015 17:10

On June 21 the Belgian Foreign Ministry has posted a link on Twitter to Foreign Minister Didier Randers's video interview in which he reaffirms his pledge, made ahead of his visit to China, that part of the accounts kept with the ING Bank by Russian diplomatic missions in Brussels would be unfrozen.

He also said that he hopes to unfreeze the remaining bank accounts early next week.

This became possible due to the Foreign Ministry's very good cooperation with all partners - Yukos Group lawyers and the Russian embassy in Brussels, he said. All bank accounts with ING Bank in Brussels have been unblocked. Hopefully, the same will be done to all bank accounts in the coming days early next week, Reynders said.

He also said that the same decision would be made in relation to all of the Russian diplomatic services' bank accounts - the Russian Embassy, the Russian mission to NATO and the Russian mission to the European Union.


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