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Fire Breaks Out at Famed Central House of Cinema in Moscow
Wednesday, 11 May 2016 13:32
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Fire Breaks Out at Famed Central House of Cinema in Moscow

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The famed landmark is located in the city center. Fire and rescue crews were on the scene and the blaze was extinguished at 22:42 local time. No casualties were reported.

The emergency call came at 21:43 Moscow time. The fire was reported in an administrative building at 13 Vasilevskaya Street.

The source in the city's emergency services department stressed that the fire was localized in an area of 200 square meters. The source of fire was located in the office on third floor of the building.

Fire Breaks Out at Famed Central House of Cinema in Moscow

The Central House of Cinema opened in 1934. It served as the headquarters for the Soviet filmmakers' union, now the Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation. It hosts the annual Moscow International Film Festival.

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