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New step taken by Pyongyang on the path of nuclear weapons development
Wednesday, 06 January 2016 11:31

Moscow is convinced that, if the fact if the test is confirmed, it will become a new step taken by Pyongyang on the path of nuclear weapons development, which is a massive breach of international law and Un Security Council resolutions.

"Such actions may aggravate the situation on the Korean Peninsula, which is already characterized by a high potential of military-political confrontation," Russian Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova said in a commentary.

She recalled that the North Korean government reported a successful hydrogen bomb test on January 6. Russia is closely studying this statement and is analyzing technical control data.

"In this situation, we are calling on all relevant parties to stay as reserved as possible and not take actions capable of causing an uncontrolled increase of tensions in Northeast Asia," Zakharova said.

Moscow confirms the position in favor of a diplomatic settlement of Korean Peninsula issues within the framework of a six-party negotiation process and a prompt launch of dialogue aimed at forming a reliable system of peace and security in the region.




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