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Russia Not Considering Flight Bans to Other Countries Except for Egypt
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 09:45
Russia Not Considering Flight Bans to Other Countries Except for Egypt

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PETROZAVODSK (Sputnik) – In the beginning of November, Russia canceled all flights to Egypt after a Russian A321 plane crashed over the Sinai Peninsula killing all 224 on board.

On Tuesday, Russia deemed the air crash was due to a homemade bomb exploding on the aircraft causing it to disintegrate in mid-air.

“We are not reviewing this issue as of now,” Sokolov told journalists.

Moscow Respects ECHR Rulings, But Russia's Constitution Comes First

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Russia respects the European Court of Human Rights decisions, but gives priority to its own constitution, Russian Deputy Justice Minister Georgy Matyushkin said Thursday. “We don’t doubt the state’s common obligations to execute ECHR rulings that are handed down...

Russia must bid farewell to foreign laws in its Constitution

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During the 1990s, Russia joined a multitude of international organizations that were created without Russia's participation. Those organizations were established to disregard Russia's national interests. Russia, a giant state, one of the two ruling powers on the planet in the 20th century, turned o [ ... ]

Russian Ministry of Defense Releases Video of Airstrikes on ISIL

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Russia10:14 01.10.2015(updated 10:57 01.10.2015) Get short URLThe ministry also released a detailed report about the results of the first day of Russian airstrikes on the Islamic State terrorist group on Syrian territory. Briefing reporters on Wednesday, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konoshe [ ... ]

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