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Russia's Energy Ministry to take Saudi Arabian partners on tour to Siberia
Saturday, 10 June 2017 14:25

Russia's Ministry of Energy still plans a tour for Saudi Arabian counterparts to Siberian projects in July, Minister Alexander Novak said on Saturday.

"We plan a trip, everything will depend on our counterparts - whether they will have time," he said, adding if it is possible to have a one-day trip "we shall offer it, of course."

During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Russian minister organized a trip for Saudi Arabian counterpart Khalid Al-Falih to Yamal. After the trip, the Saudi Arabian minister said in an interview with TASS that he was impressed and that Saudi Arabia may consider investing in the Arctic LNG project.

Al-Falih will visit Moscow next time in July to participate in a meeting of the monitoring committee, which will discuss fulfilment of the agreement on the oil production cut in May.

Russia bans money transfers to Ukraine via U.S. cash transfer systems

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On March 22, Russia’s State Duma (the lower house of Parliament) passed a law restricting money transfers from Russia if a country restricts the operation of Russian payment systems on its territory. In that case, money transfers from Russia to that country can only be performed via Russian  [ ... ]

Russia to support expulsion of the dollar from the East

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The dollar hegemony is deflating in front of our very eyes. Russia refused from dollar settlement with China and North Korea. In case with China, it was decided to use yuans and rubles in international contracts. As for the DPRK, the Russian currency will be the dominating one. How noticeable can c [ ... ]

Russia finds Obama's new move revolting

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