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Russian opposition activists want foreigners to occupy and rule Russia
Thursday, 02 July 2015 17:08
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As they say, now it's all clear. The democratic coalition of Kasyanov and Navalny RPR-PARNAS showed its true colors and announced the purpose of its existence. As it turns out, the opposition bloc wants foreigners to rule Russia.

For example, a candidate from the democratic coalition and RPR-PARNAS for the position of the Governor of the Leningrad region, Sergei Gulyaev (who established the "People" movement together with Alexei Navalny) acknowledged in its pre-election program: "The best choice for residents of the region, in my opinion, would be to invite a Finnish manager for the post of the Leningrad region governor, as our ancestors once invited Rurik to rule in Russia, or as our current officials at the Russian Football Union invite foreign coaches."

Sounds familiar, does it not? In Ukraine, they invited Americans to work in the government. They invite foreigners, former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, for example, to work as the governor. In Ukraine, they beg the West and the European Union to buy industries, businesses, land and rights for the monstrous production of shale gas. And, of course, CIA officials come to Ukraine whenever they want to give instructions to secret services, whereas NATO officers and foreign mercenaries train members of Ukrainian punitive troops to kill militia fighters.

Does anyone remember wonderful suggestions from Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who supported the above-mention opposition bloc during the "peak of his fame" - to give Russian nuclear weapons away to the United States to write off Russian debts that Putin subsequently repaid by the way? Does anyone remember Khodorkovsky's another suggestion to sell a half of the Russian oil industry to American oil giants?

Apparently, Kasyanov, Navalny and their ilk want to give Russia into foreigners' hands. They already ask foreign officials to put more and more pressure on Russia. Yet, they realize that 89 percent of those Russians, who support Putin, will never vote for them.

All their speeches in the European Parliament, secret and overt trips to Congress and PACE have only one goal: "Help us win, and then come, see and conquer."

Not that long ago, opposition activists were speaking a lot about the benefits of giving Russian industries into the hands of the United States and the European Union. According to them, this is nothing but integration into world economy, for which people's suffering would be a fair price. Russian opposition activists welcomed the appointment of former Georgian President Saakashvili for the position of the Odessa region governor. In addition, Russian opposition activists praise and protect every US businessman, company, NGO, journalist, etc - just because "my feudal's vassal is my friend."

A well-known member of the Russian opposition and former member of the Coordination Council of the Russian Opposition, urged the United States and NATO troops to use force against Russia. He said at a western conference that the only thing that Putin feared was the use of force against the Russian Army. Thus, the "star" of the Russian opposition has joined other protest speakers, who earlier urged the West to strangle Russia with sanctions, to use foreign navy and invade Russia to put the country on her knees in front of the West.

Russian opposition activists want Russia to return the Crimea to Ukraine unconditionally. They want the Russians to kneel in front of the Ukrainians for centuries; they want to see Russia occupied, without nuclear weapons. What can such people do to Russia if, God forbid, they come to power?


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