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Moscow prepared for possible nuclear attack - EMERCOM
Friday, 30 September 2016 08:51

Source: REX

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Representatives for the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) said that all bomb shelters and underground shelters in Moscow meant for the evacuation of people in case of a nuclear attack or other emergencies, "were prepared and will be able to accommodate the entire population of the capital."

"As a result of the introduction of new approaches to civil defense, an inventory of underground facilities of the city was conducted. The Moscow underground facilities will be able to protect  100% of the population of the city," deputy head of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow, Andrei Mishchenko said.

He also added that the department takes urgent measures to enhance civil defense. The department updates the legal framework and modernizes control and alarm systems.

"We work to improve the public training system in the field of civil defense," he said.

Noteworthy, the Ministry for Communications, the Finance Ministry, the Ministry for Industry, the Russian State Reserve and the Bank of Russia earlier took part in a sudden inspection of the Russian army. The above-mentioned departments worked in a "war-time" mode to test their systems for a possible war.

The Washington Free Beacon wrote citing US intelligence that Russia suddenly started building super bunkers. According to the publication, "dozens" of such bunkers are being built across the country.

Experts point out that their creation is associated with the introduction of a prospective integrated automated command and control system of the fifth generation into Russian missile forces.

To crown it all, according to services responsible for the organization of civil defense and emergency response, a special program was launched in Moscow in 2015 , within the scope of which bomb shelters and fallout shelters were built or renewed in every district of the Russian capital.

Two years ago, Russia conducted drills to repulse a nuclear attack on Moscow and strike a massive retaliatory blow. Reportedly, President Putin used the "nuclear suitcase" during the drills.

In 2015, both Russian and American generals said for the first time that a nuclear war between the United States and Russia was close like never before.

"Despite the fact that the majority of Russians, including Muscovites, do not know where bomb shelters are located in their neighborhoods, there is a list of addresses of bomb shelters. The shelters are now maintained accordingly to give people an opportunity to go through several days of a man-made emergency or a nuclear attack," EMERCOM officials said.


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