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Dress to Impress: Russian Uniform for Summer Olympics Unveiled
Sunday, 03 April 2016 19:58
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Dress to Impress: Russian Uniform for Summer Olympics Unveiled

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Olympic figure skating champion Tatiana Navka and two-time Olympic artistic gymnastics champion Svetlana Khorkina showed off the new Russian national team’s uniform.

The picture was published on Navka’s Instagram account.

The previous uniform of the Russian athletes looked something like this.

© Sputnik/ Konstantin Chalabov

Torch-bearer, State Duma deputy Alina Kabayeva takes part in the final stage of the Olympic Torch Relay at the opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. (File)

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games will be held from August 5 — 21 in Brazil. The main events will take place in Rio de Janeiro and in four other Brazilian cities, including Brasilia and São Paulo.

It will be the first Olympic Games to take place in South America.

Earlier it was reported that Brazil's sports minister resigned four months before the start of the Olympic Games of 2016.

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