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How to choose and buy an apartment in Tbilisi

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The city of Tbilisi is attracting more and more attention as a place to buy real estate in Georgia. Foreigners looking for a unique way to live or a p [ ... ]

Mercedes új moduláris platformmal elektromos járművekhez

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A Mercedes-Benz új moduláris platformot hozott létre következő EV-modelljeihez, amelyet a múlt héten mutattak be a márka németországi stuttg [ ... ]

Planters: how to choose well?

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There are different kinds of planters for the outside, different shapes, materials but above all different colors according to your desires to decorat [ ... ]

About Russia

9,000 km on two wheels: What does it take to do the longest cycling race?

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Scroll down to see moreReutersMany people dream about going on a Trans-Siberian railway journey, all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok. But would you [ ... ]

On this day: Sheremetyevo International Airport was opened

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On Aug. 11, 1959 a Tupolev Tu-104 aircraft flying from Leningrad landed in Sheremetyevo. This day is considered the official birthday of Sheremetyevo  [ ... ]

How Moscow’s Metro became part of Game of Thrones

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Russian artist Sergey Samoylov, who works under the pseudonym Samuel Rosto, took a map of Moscow’s Metro, laid it over a map of Westeros and Essos ( [ ... ]

Don’t miss the opportunity to see St. Petersburg’s rooftops risk free

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Wannabe “roofers” can now scale St. Petersburg’s buildings in safety after the authorities green-lighted the installation of handrails and footp [ ... ]

Giant whale gets stuck in a river mouth in Russia’s Far East

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Whale stuck in a river mouth / Sergey DolyaEver tried squeezing through a gap (or a tight pair of jeans) and getting stuck, realizing far too late tha [ ... ]