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New type of Russian Armed Forces quickly created, then completely destroyed
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 14:49

Source: Pravda.Ru

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During the recent several days, the Russian press has created a new type of Russian armed forces and even appointed their commander. Then, they completely destroyed the "new type" and ruthlessly sacked the chief.

"We do not understand what is the purpose of such publications," an official in the Defense Ministry commented on the news.

This is what several Russian news agencies reported:

"The decision to form a new type of armed forces was made ​​on the highest level. The work to create the new structure by merging Air Force and aerospace defense troops is underway. The issues related to the division of the new structure of the armed forces is to be discussed this month at a meeting devoted to further development of the armed forces."

The news immediately spread through social networks and online forums.
A few hours later, a message posted on the official website of the Russian Defense Ministry rebutted the information.

"The Russian Defense Ministry has no plans to merge Air Force and Aerospace Defense troops, nor does it plan to create a new kind of Armed Forces on their basis - Aerospace forces. There are no such plans even in a long-term perspective. The idea to merge Air Force and Aerospace Defense troops is nothing but a fantasy of journalists."

In addition, the ministry noted that no one appointed the Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky, as the commander of the new type of the Armed Forces of Russia. The general himself learned the news from mass media.

By and large, the decision to merge Air Force and Aerospace Defense troops into the joint type of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was not pending at all. However, the idea was born during the 1980s. Air Force and aerospace defense forces remain separate structures.

There is a lot of open information about the Russian Armed Forces. First units of space purpose (currently Strategic Missile Forces, known for the Russian initials as RVSN) were formed in 1955 as part of Artillery Reserve of the Supreme Command, when the government of the USSR decided to build a scientific research area, which later became the world famous Baikonur spaceport.

In 1957, the command-measuring complex of spacecraft control was established (currently - the Principal Center for Test and Control of Spacecraft named after G.S. Titov). In 1957, in the town of Mirny, the Arkhangelsk region, the construction of a range found was started to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) R-7, currently - the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

In 1964, to centralize work on the creation of new technologies, the Central Directorate for Space Technology of Strategic Missile Troops was created. In 1970,  it was reorganized into the Central Directorate of Space Technology of the Strategic Missile Troops.

To overcome contradictions between the interspecific nature of tasks and specific subordination of military space, the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, in 1981,  decided to  withdraw the Central Directorate of Space Defense Troops from the structure of Strategic Missile Forces and subordinate the troops directly to the General Staff.

The word "space" appeared in the terms used by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR in 1964, when the Central Directorate of Spacecraft of Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) was formed. Afterwards, the titles would be changed quite often: the Central Directorate for Spacecraft of Strategic Missile Forces (1970), the Central Directorate for Spacecraft of the General Staff of the USSR (1981), Office of the Chief of Spacecraft of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR (1986), Office of the Chief of Space Units of the Defense Ministry of the USSR, Military Space Forces of  Russia (1992-1997),and, finally, Space Troops (2001-2011).

The present-day Aerospace Defense troops were created by the decision of then President Dmitry Medvedev. The first unit of aerospace defense troops went on duty on December 1, 2011. Since then (at least not yet), Russian "military space" has not been renamed.

Andrey Mikhailov

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