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Putin: Russia did not start in 1917 or 1991
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 16:29

In his first post-election Address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin focused on fundamental issues of Russia's progress, "for the present and for the future of Russia."

The President stressed that he had expressed Russia's position in all areas of work in a series of his pre-election articles. "In these documents, all our plans are described in detail, sometimes with numbers and deadlines," said Vladimir Putin. He explained that there was no point to return to what has been said before. One needs to discuss additional fundamental issues of Russia's advance.

One of them is the question of Russia's entry into a new technological level. "A country that will not be able to get into the circle of developers of new innovative technologies, is doomed to dependence and not only that. The share of the global pie, which its businesses and the people of these countries get, will be much less than that of the leaders," said the head of state.

Patriotism and responsibility

In recent decades, the Russians have made an important step in recovering the value of their private interests, he said. But "working for yourself" has its limits," the President said. " One can not achieve prosperity, if there are ruins, disorder and insecurity outside your house. One not live separately without helping the poor, without expanding the responsibility beyond one's family, professional group or association."

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More citizens of the country come to realize this, said Putin. "It is civic responsibility and patriotism, in which I see the consolidating base of our policy, - he said. - Being a patriot means treating your history with love and respect, and it's not only that, although, of course, this is very important. First and foremost, it means serving your society and the country."

Patriotism and responsibility should be formed by everyday actions of the authorities, rather than slogans.

Russia should be a sovereign country, and it must be expressed in the preservation and growth of the geopolitical relevance of our country, in the demand of Russia on the part of its neighbors and partners in the economy culture, science and education.

The outlook for the active population

At present, the share of young and active population in Russia is one of the highest in the developed world. "Right now, we are able to open lifelong perspective for these generations, to have good and interesting jobs, to build business, acquire housing, create large and strong families, raise and educate many children and be happy in our own country," said the president. If we do not do this, in a few decades Russia will turn into a "poor, hopelessly aged (in the literal sense of the word) country that will be unable to preserve its independence and even its territory," said Putin.

Demographic programs adopted in the past decade work, noted the President. He stressed out that additional benefits will start to be paid from 2013; regional population programs will be launched. "I am convinced that a family with three children should be a norm in Russia. There is a lot to be done to make it work," he said.

In this regard, Vladimir Putin paid attention to the development of the network of preschool institutions, professional retraining for women with children, their employment and flexible forms of employment. "We have a unique opportunity to fundamentally solve another long-standing Russian problem in the next decade - the housing problem," said the president.

In addition to issues of demography, the President touched upon issues of healthcare, the development of mass physical culture and sports.

Finally, "we set a goal to create and upgrade the 25 million jobs by 2020, - said Vladimir Putin. - This is a very ambitious and difficult task, but we can solve it. We can help people find good and interesting work. High-quality jobs will be the engine of growth in wages and living standards. This is the main line of our attack, so to speak. We need to revive engineering schools and the training of skilled workers. Generally, one needs to pay more attention to people of labor."

History is not limited to 1917 or 1991

In his speech, Putin touched upon the issue of "revival of national consciousness." We need to link the historical eras and return to the understanding of one simple truth - Russia did not start in 1917, not even in 1991. We have a single, unbroken, history of thousand years, relying on which we find the inner strength and sense of national development," he said, prompting applause from the audience.

The president said that Russia originally developed as a multinational state, sealed by the Russian people, Russian language and Russian culture. "It is with great care and respect that we treat every ethnic group, to every people of the Russian Federation - we should and will be treating them so. But we must not forget that any nationalism and chauvinism cause direct damage to the people or the ethnic group, whose interests supposedly concern nationalists most," he stressed.

"We will not let closed ethnic enclaves appear in Russia with their informal jurisdiction," said Putin.

Migration issues

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