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Russian markets in the wake of global uncertainty
Friday, 23 September 2011 12:14

New York : NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 22: Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on September 22, 2011 in New York City. (Michael Nagle/Getty Images/AFP)

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In the wake of the global economic uncertainty Business RT talked to Ben Aris, editor-in-chief at Business New Europe magazine, about how deep the effect for Russian markets could be.

Planes on duty around Moscow to ensure good weather during May holiday

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A total of ten planes are ready to take off from Moscow airfields to ensure good weather during the May 1 celebrations in the Russian capital, Moscow’s traffic control center told media."The weather is expected to be sunny today, although clouds may emerge and short periods of rain have not been r [ ... ]

Airbus A321 disaster: All traces lead to Egypt

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The territory, where Airbus A321 crashed, is controlled by ISIS militants. According to Russian experts, the plane "broke up in the air at a high altitude." What could be the cause of the tragedy in the skies over Egypt? A jetliner may fall apart in the air either as a result of a terrorist act or  [ ... ]

Joint Russian-Tajik Military Drills Kick Off in Russia

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Russia08:44 14.03.2016(updated 09:16 14.03.2016) Get short URLMOSCOW (Sputnik) — The main stage of the joint Russian-Tajik exercises will start on Monday, an aid to the commander of Russia's Central Military District said."The main phase of the joint command-staff exercises involving the uni [ ... ]

source: http://rt.com/business/news/russia-markets-europe-volatility-203/