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Russian Ministry of Defense Releases Video of Airstrikes on ISIL
Thursday, 01 October 2015 09:14
Russian Ministry of Defense Releases Video of Airstrikes on ISIL

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The ministry also released a detailed report about the results of the first day of Russian airstrikes on the Islamic State terrorist group on Syrian territory.

Briefing reporters on Wednesday, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konoshenkov said that the Russian air force had flown twenty sorties targeting IS military equipment, communication facilities, arms depots, ammunition and fuel supplies — and did not hit civilian infrastructure or areas nearby.

“The strikes took place only after we had obtained detailed intelligence from the Syrian armed forces,” General Konoshenkov said.

President Vladimir Putin had earlier asked the Federation Council, the upper house of the Russian parliament, for a permission to use Russian armed forces abroad. 

The request was granted by a unanimous vote and the Defense Ministry later said that Russian warplanes had bombed IS targets on Syrian territory.

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source: http://sputniknews.com/russia/20151001/1027830470/russia-airstrikes-video.html