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Unknown recordings of Malevich speeches found in Kiev - media
Thursday, 07 January 2016 14:08

Unknown texts of artist Kazimir Malevich, which were kept in the home archive of his assistant Marian Kropivnitsky, who made shorthand recordings of the artist's speeches in Kiev, have been found in Kiev.

"Among the texts are protocols of Malevich's speeches on the plans to develop a painting research experimental office in the Kiev Arts Institute, and also his ideas on issues relating to artist education and the creation of a new arts academy," a report posted on Hromadskeradio.org says.

Four of the five texts have never been published anywhere and there are plans to publish them in February 2016 for the conference Malevich in Kiev.

"It's a special event for the Kiev culture horizon. Until now, the Kiev period of Malevich's life was the least studied period in his work," the publication quoted Tatyana Filesvka, who studies Malevich's work, as saying.

Malevich (1879-1935), an avant-guard painter, an art theorist and a philosopher, was born in Kiev.

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