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Healthy eating takes off in Moscow
Friday, 18 November 2016 09:10

The covers of Russian lifestyle magazines, like their counterparts in the West, are full of headlines offering the latest advice on healthy eating and how to lose weight. Moscow restaurateurs are responding to the increased interest in a healthy lifestyle with new menus featuring tasty dishes that are also good for you.

Savvy Muscovites are paying ever more attention to the foods they buy and eat, abandoning traditional meat-and-sauce heavy dishes for simple, healthy ones. These preferences appear in the restaurants they choose to visit was well.

“The guests want to have simple, clear and tasty food, all in one, on their plates. The key point is the product itself and its quality. I add minimum sauces and dressings, that’s why the ingredients’ flavor is delivered — fresh, clean and natural,” said chef Artem Minakov of True Cost Bar&Grill.

Artem Minakov, chef, True Cost Bar&Grill / Photo courtesy of True Cost Bar&Grill

Alexey Pavlov, chef at ERWIN. RekaMoreOkean agrees that the original flavors of the ingredients are taking center stage today: “Our guests started to understand  food, products and prices better. A demand for Russian products appeared, which resulted in fixing inbound logistics which allows us to keep them at the high level,” Pavlov said.

Alexey Pavlov, chef, ERWIN. RekaMoreOkean / Photo courtesy of ERWIN. RekaMoreOkean restaurant

Advice for healthy eating

The golden rule behind a healthy diet is balance. Each meal should include protein. Fiber is good and sauces (particularly sweet and salty sauces) are bad. Some fats, such as those from nuts and certain seeds as well as eggs are good. Most importantly, don’t overeat — if you feel hungry, wait 15 minutes before deciding to eat. Finish your final meal of the day at least three hours before going to bed, as metabolism slows later in the day. Instead of choosing fried meat and vegetables, try baked, boiled, steamed or grilled variants. If you have to eat sweets, do it earlier in the day.

Alexander Nazarenko, an IFBB internationally certified referee, top-tier fitness and bodybuilding coach, suggests choosing a menu of freshly squeezed juice, grilled or steamed fish, meat or poultry garnished with salad leaves and vegetables or boiled rice at restaurants. Pasta lovers should look for durum wheat versions.

Eating healthy in Moscow

How can you eat healthy while visiting the Russian capital? Try this list of restaurants and menu items:

Breakfast — at Voronezh

Photo courtesy of Voronezh restaurant

This restaurant offers 60 morning dishes that will satisfy both those who prefer a solid breakfast and those who like a light meal in the morning. The location, featuring views of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Prechistenka Street, is a bonus.

Brunch — at Christian

Photo courtesy of Christian restaurant

Chef Christian Lorenzini is an amateur athlete and offers light and healthy snacks suitable for those who like to work out, such as cold avocado cake with quinoa, tofu and boiled beets. At lunch time, make sure and try the homemade pasta with simple sauces.

Lunch — at True Cost Bar&Grill

Photo courtesy of True Cost Bar&Grill

This restaurant serves filet mignon, grilled dorado and other kinds of fish, various salads and even a new version of the traditional vinaigrette salad at a reasonable price.

Dinner — at ERWIN. RekaMoreOkean

It’s a good idea to make seafood the centerpiece of your evening meal, and this restaurant offers a range of delectable options.  

Dessert — definitely at Valenok

Photo courtesy of Valenok resraurant

The must-try dessert here is wild strawberry, black currant and sea buckthorn pies. Don’t forget to take a selfie with the artwork that gives the restaurant its name — a 18-foot-high valenok (Russian felt boot) by artist Valeria Loshak.

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