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Russia develops technology to detect drone trespassers with TV, FM-signals
Friday, 09 June 2017 15:11

Russia’s Ruselectronics Group, part of the state hi-tech corporation Rostec, has developed technology for the concealed detection of moving aerial, ground and surface targets in the area of critically important facilities, the Group’s press office told on June 9, TASS reports.

"It [the system] provides for a panoramic view and allows detecting targets and determining their coordinates within a radius of up to 100 km, target trajectory tracking and reflecting information on an operator’s monitor, and also taking measures upon unauthorized intrusion," the press office said in a statement.

The complex tracks signals reflected by moving objects from TV and FM-transmitting centers, which allows using it in areas where the operation of classical radar systems is impeded. In particular, the technology allows detecting drones at extremely low altitudes in populated areas. The system is being developed by Vektor R&D institute, which is part of Ruselectronics Group.

"By now, an experimental station has been developed and it has proven its efficiency. It has 15 antennae, one of which is directed to the source of emissions while the others receive a reflected signal from aircraft, vessels, automobiles and even people. For example, it can detect drones at a distance of 10 km, automobiles and people at a distance of less than 20 km and ships at a distance of 80 km," Ruselectronics Group said.

The complex comprises an antenna system, a device for receiving and processing signals and a computer with special software. It can also be fitted out with video control means and other additional equipment for its protection. The system exerts no harmful influence on people and the environment, has low energy consumption and the lost cost of its operation. Its small size allows producing the system’s mobile version.

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