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Russian Orthodox Church being built in Paris
Saturday, 26 March 2016 21:24

A view showing the Eiffel tower during a ceremony for the installation of a golden dome on the Russian Orthodox Church being built in Paris, France.

Putin's third term in the office: What has the president accomplished?

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Four years ago, Vladimir Putin received the support from 63.6 percent of electors (more than 45.6 million people) and took office as President of Russia. The secret of Putin's electoral success is clear. It can be explained with one word only - Crimea. For most people, this is not just a peninsula, [ ... ]

What is it like to be the personal cameraman of Soviet leaders

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My dad, Sergey Grigoryan, was one of the most experienced and well-known cameramen in Russia. He filmed Leonid Brezhnev, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, and Dmitry Medvedev. He scaled the world’s highest mountains, lived in Hungary and Mexico, suffered frostbite, and fought with bandits - all for t [ ... ]

Ukraine, Syria Fall Victim to Same 'Democratization' Scenario - Kremlin

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Politics21:21 20.12.2015(updated 00:26 21.12.2015) Get short URLThe press-secretary noted that such political ‘technologies’ were used to provoke the population to violently overthrow the regime.“These red flags of such political technologies, they are visible everywhere in similar manner. [ ... ]