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Winter holidays in Russia
Tuesday, 05 January 2016 15:00

Perhaps the best part about Russian New Year’s is that it’s not back to work the next day or even the day after. Pictured: Street illuminations in Moscow.

Russia's campaign in Syria to bring billions in new defense contracts

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Russia's special operation in Syria gave the Russian defense industry an invaluable opportunity to test different types of arms in combat action. Having witnessed the efficiency of Russian arms in Syria, foreign customers evinced great interest in purchasing Russian arms. The influx of customers ha [ ... ]

5 Russian women's teams that will make you fall in love with sport

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Traditionally, Russia’s female sporting teams have excelled at gymnastics, synchronized swimming, and ice skating on the international stage. But the last decade has seen women turning their hand to a number of male-dominated sports including rugby, handball, chess, and even wrestling - and many m [ ... ]

Boris Nemtsov's murder: Why so many versions?

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The Russian authorities did not need to kill Boris Nemtsov - this viewpoint can often be found in comments on the Internet. There are many people, who believe that the Russian authorities can not take advantage of the deaths of any political opponents. Without a doubt, there will be speculation abo [ ... ]