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Wednesday, 12 December 2018 15:32
RULES FOR THE USE OF COSMETICS IN Goji-cream. 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.


In winter, hygienic and decorative cosmetics should be special, able to protect the skin from frost, wind and other adverse conditions.

Cosmetics in winter should play the role of protection, but the skin should breathe. It is necessary to abandon the use of funds, one of the components of which is alcohol. You should not also use cleansing scrubs and tonics. Scrubs when removing the upper layer of the skin make the skin more vulnerable. In winter, it is better to use cosmetic milk to clean the skin.

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During this period, the moisture content of the skin is reduced to fifty percent, and for the normal state of the skin, humidity values of sixty to eighty percent are necessary. That is why skin creams used at this time of year should promote good skin hydration. To protect the skin from the harmful effects of cold wind and hypothermia, you can use creams that help to create a protective film on the skin. Such creams should contain silicone, glycerin and natural oils. Inflammation and peeling of the skin can be removed using creams, which include extracts of calendula, chamomile, green tea and other plants.

If you apply a moisturizer with a lot of moisture, it can freeze in the cold and thus severely injure the skin. There is a General recommendation regarding make-up and cream: in winter, the cream should be applied to the face at least half an hour before going out in the cold, in order for the cream to have time to absorb well and dry. Use nourishing creams during the day and apply moisturizing cream at night in winter. Tonal cream should also be a special composition: contain vitamins E, be oil-based, not water-based. It should be understood that moisturizing creams that you used in the summer, winter is not very good will behave on the skin.

It is not necessary in the winter and too fond of powder, which has drying effects. If you are constantly refreshing makeup with powder during the day, you can greatly dry the skin and negate all efforts to care for it. Therefore, replace the blush and loose powder with cream powder.

As for eyes, mascara to refuse, of course, is not necessary. But it is worth remembering that the eyelashes in the winter snow falls, and when you go from the cold into the room, the lashes will form condensation. If your mascara is not waterproof, the makeup can float. Therefore, choose either moisture-resistant or resistant mascara.

In the situation with the lips will have to give up the resistant lipstick, because it is very dry lips. Your lipstick should have a greasy, rich texture. It is also desirable that it contains vitamins B and E, because they are wonderful moisturize lips. In this case, you need to carefully and accurately treat the Shine. If you have a clear Shine, then there is a possibility that it will dry your lips a little. More saturated in color gloss, as a rule, have a more nutritious formula. And transparent luster of, containing in itself a large number of moisture, can simply-plainly, freeze on cold and injure your lips. In winter cosmetic bag should always have a chapstick or balm.

Do not forget to humidify the air in the room where you are, as well as coming from the street, do not come too close to the heating devices

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