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The most interesting and unusual places in Moscow
Monday, 15 April 2019 15:29

The most interesting and unusual places in Moscow

Moscow - the magnificent capital of Russia keeps in itself not only cultural monuments to visit, but also the most diverse, amazing places that should also be given their attention. This article lists the ratings: the top 7 amazing, but unusual places for all and the top 7 of the most interesting museums.

Top 7 amazing, but not familiar to all places in the capital of Russia:

  1. Tea House on Butcher

    This building stands out from all similar institutions, because it is made in the style of the East, like a Chinese house. Besides the fact that here you can admire the amazing architecture, only in this house you can find the rarest sorts of tea for every taste.

  2. The house in which Margarita Bulgakov lived

    Ideal complements the list of charming house Margarita. It was this house that the great writer described in his book.

  3. "Flacon" - Designer Factory

    A paradise for creative people of the city. Here everyone will have a great time. At this factory you can always find something unique, try to create it yourself.

  4. "Flat" house

    Not very popular, but amazing structure of Moscow. If you look at a building from a certain angle, it seems as if it is flat. In fact, this effect gives the angle of the structure at 60.

  5. Victor Tsoi's wall

    A very significant landmark for fans of the great Tsoi. How did the wall appear? On the day of the death of the artist, someone wrote "Today Choi died." The response message was not long in coming - "Choi is alive." Soon the wall was completely painted with quotes dedicated to the musician, his porters.

  6. House of amazing length

    This house can be attributed to amazing places, its length reaches almost 736 meters, it is not for nothing that it is the longest building in the world.

  7. Sandunovsky baths.

    The place is famous for the films made in its walls. Here were filmed the real legends of cinema. The building has completely retained its internal appearance.

Top 7 most original and interesting museums:

  1. Gallery of Fine Arts. A.S.Pushkina

    The number of exhibits is huge, that the museum occupies 4 buildings. It is here that is the most ambitious collection of foreign works of art of the Russian Federation. In the museum you can see great paintings, incredibly beautiful sculptures, numismatic artifacts, and graphic works. In addition, exhibitions are constantly held from foreign countries.

  2. Darwin Museum

    The largest museum of natural science in all of Europe. Darwin begins in 1907. It was at that time that his creator, Coats, began to teach animal anatomy. The museum is famous for its exhibits. For all guests this place leaves only beautiful and interesting memories.

  3. Paleontological Museum

    This museum keeps a grand collection of exhibits of the development of the living world of the Earth. It occupies the Paleontological Museum of almost 5 thousand square meters. The museum will acquaint its guests with the science of paleontology, its development, talk about the early Paleozoic, the history of the living world in the capital and much more.

  4. Apple Technology Museum

    The only museum in all mainland Eurasia, dedicated to Apple. Here everyone can see hundreds of rare instances. All exhibits work, so any visitor to the museum can try the exhibits into action.

  5. Experimental

    The most unusual museum, because it is possible to see everything with your own eyes, but also to try, to touch it with your own hands. The exhibition is dedicated to the science of modern times. Every guest will be able to become participants of incredible experiments.

  6. Museum of slot machines of the Soviet Union

    The museum is a collection of slot machines of the times of the USSR. Most of the machines are working, that is, anyone can play them. Such games as “Submarine”, “Fighter,“ Sea battle ”,“ Towns ”and others are presented.

  7. Bunker - 42

    The landmark consists of a military museum - a bunker, 60 meters deep in the ground and the country's most intimate restaurant, which is easily owned by its own guests during the Soviet era. Various exciting children's activities are also held regularly.

Moscow is a huge city that you can discover every day from different angles. Despite the well-established habit, here you can visit not only Red Square, but also many other fascinating places.

For those who are visiting Moscow for the first time, we recommend visiting the Kremlin, read more about the sights of this place in the material - the Moscow Kremlin.

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