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How to choose and buy an apartment in Tbilisi
Thursday, 27 July 2023 21:21

The city of Tbilisi is attracting more and more attention as a place to buy real estate in Georgia. Foreigners looking for a unique way to live or a promising investment find many attractive opportunities in Tbilisi.

Advantages of purchasing an apartment in the capital of Georgia

It is worth getting acquainted with the advantages that make this place so attractive to potential buyers before considering the process of choosing and buying an apartment:

  • Low cost of real estate. Apartments in Tbilisi are offered at attractive prices in comparison with other European capitals.
  • Ease of transaction processing. The registration of the transaction can be completed within a few days, and Georgian law provides equal rights for foreign and local buyers.
  • Attractive location. Tbilisi is a city with a rich history and a unique atmosphere of its own. Buyers often prefer apartments in Old Tbilisi, which combines architectural monuments, streets lined with cozy cafes and restaurants, as well as modern amenities.

What is the apartment selection process?

Your budget and price range is an important aspect. Have a clear idea of your budget and the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend buying an apartment in Tbilisi. This will help you eliminate inappropriate options and focus on those that are within your financial means.

Paying attention to location and neighborhood is also important. Identify your preferred locations where you want to buy a home. Think about the amenities that are important to you in your daily life, such as proximity to work, schools, and public transportation. Assessing the availability of necessary infrastructure and services near your chosen home is an important consideration. The convenience of living can be significantly affected by the presence of shops, schools, hospitals, parks and recreational facilities.

The choice of the type of housing and the condition of the housing also play an important role. It can be new construction, secondary housing, or even an older apartment. Moreover, you should take into account the condition of the property and possible repair costs.

Algorithm of apartment purchase in Tbilisi

Steps that will be of help to you in the realization of the deal:

  1. Market research. You should study the offers on the market. Make a list of the objects that meet your requirements.
  2. Viewing the objects. It is necessary to make a personal inspection of the apartments you have chosen. You can ask the sellers or the real estate agents for more details.
  3. Perform due diligence. Make sure that the title to the property is clean and free of any encumbrances or liens.
  4. Negotiations and agreements. The next step is to meet with the seller or their representative to discuss the terms of the purchase and agree on how to proceed.
  5. Contract signing and recording. With the help of a lawyer, draw up the contract of sale and purchase of the property. Submission of documents to the land registry office for formalization of title.


For those who want to find their place in this dynamic and beautiful city, real estate for sale in Tbilisi is a promising and attractive opportunity. The process of buying an apartment becomes easy and transparent for interested parties thanks to the open and stable system of legal registration of transactions.

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