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Stone garden border and other decorative ideas
Monday, 31 January 2022 16:23

Are you looking for a stone garden border or other creative ideas for edging in your garden? When it comes to keeping your garden neat and tidy, garden edging is essential. It doesn't matter if you opt for stone, wood or brick, the well-defined border gives a professional finish and creates a clear division between the different parts of the outdoor space.

Stone garden edging is always a good idea

What is garden edging? The main purpose of the garden border is to define the space. The garden border can be made of anything unless it serves its purpose of separating two distinct spaces. Popular choices are often stone, brick or concrete garden edging, while more creative options may include logs, seashells, recycled roof tiles or coated wire. All of these edging choices add charm and character to the garden and they are also very practical, separating weeds from flower beds and mulch from lawns. On top of that, the garden edging is a very effective clear line to mow and gnaw the space.

False stones for garden are often used in different countries, especially in Germany (Kunststeine Garten in German). It is also an option to consider when it comes to your lawn decoration.

Garden border with natural stones

The cost and effort you will put into laying the border in your garden will depend a lot on the material you choose for it. There are plenty of ready-to-use products available at garden centers or specialty stores. But if you choose a DIY option such as laying concrete slabs, it will require a little more effort or even teamwork.

Japanese garden decoration

Which material to choose for the garden border? Before deciding on the material and style of the edging, you need to think carefully about the overall look you want your outdoor space to have. The garden should be a reflection of the already existing style of the space, so also think carefully about the plants you want to have, the color choices, the garden furniture and the general ambiance.

Contemporary style garden

So for example logs and rustic willow wood are perfect options for traditional style gardens and can be used as edging and garden paths. Alternatively, try combining concrete slabs and railway sleepers if you want to create an industrial vibe. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start.

Stone garden border

Stone garden edging and more specifically pavers in neutral shades is an excellent choice for gardens with natural surroundings. This type of border is perfect if you want something discreet. Lay concrete slabs of a unified size and clean finish, or mix in different sized stones found in the garden if you want to create a rustic decor. Thanks to their natural colours, the stones blend very well with other natural elements such as wood and pebble plant beds.

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