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Repatriation services
Saturday, 19 February 2022 17:15

Emergency medical support services

Open borders allow you to visit other countries for tourism, business, or guest purposes. A person has the opportunity to travel the world, be anywhere in the world, and get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the inhabitants of different states. Many fly not only for entertainment purposes but also for business. Regardless of the purpose of the trip, any tourist abroad is not protected from the risk of injury, illness, and health-related troubles. But he can be insured against subsequent severe material costs. A foreigner who is ill or injured in another country can count on emergency medical care provided by GVA. It is enough to agree with the international organization Global Voyager Assistance before the trip to have the necessary guarantees. Medical evacuation and repatriation involve the following items:

  • We are providing transport for a safe and comfortable delivery home.
  • Prompt evacuation with a professional organization of the process, in accordance with the state of health and other factors.
  • Repatriation services include transportation for medical reasons and the transport of the body of a tourist who has died abroad.
  • We are connecting, if necessary, medical teams consulting a doctor to determine indications for emergency evacuation.
  • Accompanying the client by doctors with medical and diagnostic equipment availability.

What transport is used for medical evacuation and repatriation?

Global Voyager Assistance specialists select the optimal type of vehicle. At the same time, the client's condition, his weight and age, the presence of chronic diseases, and location are taken into account. The algorithms of the procedure have been worked out for a long time, so there are no hitches with the search for a suitable transport. This is necessary to deliver the patient or body to his homeland as quickly as possible.

In case of a severe course of the disease, a severe injury aggravated health problems. Air ambulance may be the only acceptable option. The possibility of a flight by a special ambulance is used. The aircraft is equipped with the necessary instruments and devices to load the patient on board, monitor his condition during the flight, and support his life. The company provides medical support by specialized specialists with the necessary medicines. The flight is controlled by a qualified operator who will be able to make a quick and correct decision in case of unforeseen situations.

If the patient's condition allows, he can be transported by air on a scheduled flight. Special seats are redeemed for the next passenger or commercial flight. The victim is accompanied by medical personnel who can provide qualified assistance. For bedridden patients, or in case of fractures of the limbs, a stretcher is used.

Ambulances are used to transport a patient to a hospital or an aircraft. The car is equipped with a defibrillator, oxygen bags, ventilators, and resuscitation equipment. An ambulance escorts the victim.

GVA agrees with the client on all the nuances of transportation, prepares a plan, method, and route of transportation in the shortest possible time, and impeccably fulfills all the insurance contract points.

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