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Planters: how to choose well?
Monday, 04 April 2022 14:12
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Here are some tips for choosing the right planters so that your plants, flowers and aromatic herbs can flourish freely without being cramped!

There are different kinds of planters for the outside, different shapes, materials but above all different colors according to your desires to decorate your garden like your balcony. Planters can be made of cast stone, terracotta, wood or even plastic or recycled tires. Each plant has its preferences, so it is important to take all these characteristics into account so as not to be mistaken and that your plants feel good throughout the season.

Reconstituted stone pots like terracotta planters are very sturdy and can accommodate almost all flowers and plants without any distinction. They are made with a mixture of cement, marble and gravel. Reconstituted stone planters find their place perfectly in gardens. They can stay there throughout the year even in winter because they are resistant to shocks, frost but also to the wind. They are not afraid of frost either, but your plants are, so you will have to be careful and bring them in on time. In recent years, all the major brands have developed their range of reconstituted stone. These planters are now trendy, chic and very modern to give a design touch to your garden. Metal garden beds are also wide-spread, find more about them.

Wooden planters are more aesthetic and natural than those made of reconstituted stone. They are also slightly more fragile than the first and better able to accommodate your shrubs and other conifers rather than plants. They are often made with woods such as treated pine, hazel, oak or bangkirai.

The small disadvantage of wooden planters is that it is very difficult to move them. It is strongly recommended that you carefully choose the location you want in your garden before filling the container with soil and planting your shrub.

Formerly in bad taste or, plastic pots and planters are coming back to the fore and in our gardens or balconies with looks that are as trendy as they are colorful. In addition to being design and colorful, they are also much lighter than reconstituted stone or wooden pots. They also have an anti-UV treatment so as not to lose their shine over the seasons. These plastic pots are rather reserved for plants that like both heat and humidity, such as aromatic herbs for example. Attention: the black plastic pots have a heat effect which is doubled because of their color. They are now also frost and weather resistant. Happy gardening!!!

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